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 There are tons of merchant service providers out there and the services they offer are endless. To decipher through it all can be very time consuming, in some cases, even intimidating. Let MDB Assets pull it all together for you! No matter what type of business you have or the complexity of your needs, we are confident that we will find the right merchant service provider for your business. We will be there to ensure you receive a comprehensive package, that doesn't include services you don't need for prices you don't want to pay.
MDB Assets will make it easy to utilize merchant services, so you can be free to
focus on what really matters.....growing your business!

Merchant Services Overview

Credit Card Processing That Will Cover Every Need
Whether you need to process credit card payments face to face, over the phone, or via the internet; speed, efficiency, and robust security is at your finger tips. With your partners at MDB Assets, we have taken the guest work out of credit card processing. We can walk you through an array of credit card options that will help your business run smoothly, while increasing your bottom line. (learn more)

Payment Processing In The Palm Of Your Hand!
Mobile processing opens the door to accept credit card payments in traditionally cash or check only scenarios. Such as, home repair contractors, taxi drivers, pizza delivery, trade shows, tow companies, and more. Expand your realm, start mobile processing today!
(learn more)

Self-Service Made Easier
Now, with eKiosk, registration, donations, sales, electronic payments, and more can be done from a convenient and secure kiosk. Start experiencing the endless benefits today! (learn more)

Rest Easy With Guaranteed Funding
Did you know that there are check services that include guaranteed funding for any type of business?  You can process checks fast and securely, anyway your business requires and in some cases, you can skip the trip to the bank. Protect your business from costly bounced checks with guaranteed funding. Look no further, MDB Assets is ready to explain, in detail, all the different services available to you! (learn more)

Don't Miss Out On Sales!
90% of customers participate in some form of loyalty programs, so it's no secret that customers love being rewarded for their loyalty. With 75% of customers spending more than the face value of gift cards, don't miss out on the sales. MDB Assets can show you how to utilize a Gift & Loyalty Card Program that will excite your customers while also increasing sales and traffic for your business.
(learn more)

Need Money To Help Grow Your Business?

Well, short-term, capital financing advancements, an alternative to bank funding, are there for you when you need. Funds are secured by a portion of future credit card receivables, so no worries with keeping up with monthly payments. (learn more)

Merchant Referral Program Pays!
Earn $100 for each referral that successfully opens an account with MDB Assets. Your friends are our friends. We promise to pull out the red carpet, just like we did with you! (learn more)

Join A Winning Team!

No out of pocket expenses to become an Consultant. All of the training and marketing materials you need to succeed, we supply for FREE. Not to mention our compelling bonus incentives! Contact us today to find out details. (learn more)

Thank you for your interest in MDB Assets. We look forward to serving you!


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